The importance of being Urgent (or the Urgency of being Important)

The idea of “things” (decisions, actions, work) falling into one of two broad categories– either important, or urgent– isn’t something new. I was reminded of it recently while listening to “3 Point Perspective”. “3 Point Perspective” is a podcast hosted by professional illustrators Will Terry, Jake Parker, and Lee White (you can listen to it … Read more

Marketing, money, and time | Random Thought for May 30, 2018

I was listening to the radio on the drive to work this morning, and there was talk about a pilot program in Sacramento where digital automobile license plates are being made available. (link to the article on The Sacramento Bee here). It got me thinking… Let’s presume this program gets rolled out statewide. How long … Read more

To buck (conventions) or not

Sundays are usually a supermarket run for me, and, aside from getting out of the house for a bit, it’s an opportunity to walk around, explore and examine packaging and products on the shelves. This week, as I was finishing up, I walked down the aisle containing feminine hygiene products (I think it’s also where … Read more

Random Thought for Wednesday, January 15, 2014

On decisions– There’s an old saying– “It’s better to fail trying something than it is to succeed doing nothing. It’s one thing to change a decision once it’s been put into action and its results can be evaluated. It’s another to constantly make second-guessing decisions without ever putting any of them in motion. The former … Read more

New Yahoo! logo– thoughts

So, I opened up my browser and this is what I found… The new Yahoo! logo. Now, I’m pretty sure this has been covered elsewhere, so I’m just going to give my initial thoughts. Looks like they “hipster-ized” this logo. Here’s the old logo for reference (no that it was better, but at least it … Read more

links for 2011-03-23

11 Reasons Why White Spaces are Good in Graphic Design A valuable logo design tip– get drunk What to Do When You Have too Much Work A Valuable Logo Design Tip – Get Drunk Why Footers Matter Art & Copy Trailer [Video] Why People Love & Hate Me in the Design Community What if Social … Read more