Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– for Feb 22

As I write this, it’s well past midnight on the morning of 2/24, which means that by now I’m technically a couple of days behind on my #daily365. So I have a little catch up still to do.

On Feb 22’s CSED:

I spent the late late evening on Monday (2/22) watching the movie Johnny Got His Gun. If you’re a metal fan in your 30s, you’ll remember this as the movie Metallica took clips from for use on the video for One. And, if I understand correctly, it had not been released on dvd until recently.

So, after watching the movie and being inspired by the dvd cover/one-sheet, I had this visual pop in my head, and it was just a matter of (mostly) drawing it out in Illustrator. Unfortunately I passed out last night before being able to sit down at the computer.

©2010 rafael armstrong

I know that visually it’s similar to a previous piece, and I’m curious at this point in the year how (not if) patterns (visual, thematic, other) will eventually develop. I guess we’ll just have to see.

Your thoughts and feedback are always welcome.

Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– Feb 21

I mentioned earlier– to no one in particular, and yet, to everyone at once (such are the wonders of the interwebs)– the State of my dinner, and a very good friend commented that I had created something good and my CSED couldn’t top it.

Which made me think of all the times I had spent  evenings with friends and family (including this friend) playing dominoes. So I decided to take a shot at some dominoes. The caption on the illo originally made references to curling (one of my favorite winter Olympic sports, probably because its rules and conventions are somewhat foreign– literally and figuratively– to me, and I find that intriguing), but I opted to edit them out and keep the caption simple and relevant to the game at hand.

©2010 rafael armstrong

Hope you enjoy. Your feedback’s always welcome.

Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– Feb 20

Not feeling particularly inspired today, but I did find myself at one point checking out the Curling Federation’s website for rules on how the game is played, so I decided to go with that.

©2010 rafael armstrong

For the record, I still don’t quite understand how the game is scored and/or played. I’ve heard it’s like shuffleboard (of which I know absolutely nothing) on ice, but what little strategy I’ve sort of picked up makes me think of pool (billiards) a bit.

Oh, well. Think I’ll go to bed now…

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Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– Feb 19

Today’s piece was inspired by one of my favorite TV shows– Lost, and more specifically by one Mr. Hugo Reyes.

Namaste ©2010 rafael armstrong

I’ve also been giving some thought to the rest of the year, and I think that starting in March I’ll set a theme (or unifying thread) at the beginning of the month. I’m hoping it helps to make things a bit more efficient.

Your feedback, thought, and even ideas for “themes” are always appreciated and welcomed.

Create Something Every Day (#daily365)– Feb 18

I spent some time today “blipping” tunes on One of the tracks that I listened to was Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ I Put A Spell On You (I have it on a cd somewhere), later covered by CCR. The song title stuck in my head, so I figured I would use it for today’s piece.

©2010 rafael armstrong

Nothing fancy. Just some textures and a little type.