Design Something Every Day (aka #daily365)– Jan 14

Alright, so yesterday I slacked off on my #daily365. What can I say? I had a pretty busy day working on packaging designs for an upcoming business presentation by one of my clients, and I was just plain tired (To top it off I had to pretty much redo the whole thing this morning due to an unexpected curveball. In the end, though, both the client and I liked today’s revised art even more.) The long and short of it is that I just had zero energy to crank something out (I did, in my defense, have a very interesting dream while napping/passing out on the sofa, which I documented here. You could argue that it counts– sort of).

Anyway, today’s a new day. And, earlier this week I re-watched Helvetica (thanks to PBS and my dvr), and it inspired me to whip this up:

Additionally, re-watching Helvetica has motivated me to read up on Erik Spiekermann.

2 thoughts on “Design Something Every Day (aka #daily365)– Jan 14”

    • Thanks! I was originally going to comp out the label I had seen in my dream (the lines started out as wine bottle sillos), but somewhere along the way I changed courses.

      Glad you enjoyed it.


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