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Questions to ask clients before designing their website Excellent post collecting a lot of the questions that should be asked when undertaking a web design project. (Thanks to Brian Hoff for putting this post together and posting it on his blog). (tags: web_design) How To Handle Deadline-Strict Clients | Pixelactic

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5 Essential Books For Running A Successful Freelance Design Business | Acuity Designs (tags: freelance biz) 30 Must Have WebDesign Books In Your Christmas Wishlist | Graphic and Web Design Blog -Resources And Tutorials (tags: web_design) Coding Clean and Semantic Templates (tags: web_design coding html)

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15 Excellent Websites To Learn CSS | (tags: web_design css) Rules for Successful Client-Freelancer Working Relationships – FreelanceSwitch (tags: freelance)

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Difficult Clients 101 | FreelanceShack Ten Signs You Need To Refuse That Project | FreelanceFolder 15 Simple Warning Signs of a Bad Project (and how to think positively) – Chris LeCompte

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Lost Inside Google Wave? 5 Waves To Make Your Life… | Bit Rebels 3 Keys To Attracting New Clients On Twitter | bkmacdaddy designs Gaining Office Allies in the Right Places – WorkAwesome Arguably the best advice put to paper (so to speak) that I've ever seen. Over the years I've (instinctively, I guess) followed … Read more

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50 Reasons Why You Will Not Make It As A Freelancer | | Naples Web Design | Fort Myers Web Design The Freelance Zone » Blog Archive » The Freelance Jackass Factor: Dealing With the A-Holes In Your Business

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9 Most Common IE Bugs and How to Fix Them – Nettuts+ (tags: css ie6 webdesign) CSS Box Model: The Foundation For Improving Your CSS | CSS | instantShift (tags: css web_design) The Simple, Ridiculously Useful Guide to Earning a Living from Your Passion An Iconic Lion for an Iconic Institution – Brand New 20 … Read more