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Friday Vidcast 10-30-09 | This Is Aarons Life – Web Design, Graphic Design, and UX Articles. How To Find, Save, and Create Your Own Good Ideas | FreelanceFolder Are "Lists" The New Twitter Status Measurement? | bkmacdaddy designs Oops! I Did It Again, I Made a Freelance Mistake | FreelanceShack

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Social Media Strategy Minus Human Engagement = Business Fail | bkmacdaddy designs (tags: social_media) 101 invaluable questions to build your Web Design Questionnaire | Woobzine (tags: freelance advice) To School or Not to School | Webdesigner Depot

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How to Deal With Multiple Client Projects | Freelance Apple Cut Out the Clutter in Your Workflow – WorkAwesome Confessions Of A Style Sheet Hacker Work Smarter, Not Harder – 8 Important Tips for Web and Graphic Designers | Jad Graphics Blog | Long Beach Web & Graphic Designer

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YouTube – Project Folder Insightful video look at Von Glitschka's (@vonster) creative process. 50 Original Ads Of Old Times From Famous Companies | DesignBeep 19 Base Themes for Drupal | Mogdesign (tags: Drupal web_design) Logo Design Budgets – Freelance Designer or Client to Decide? | Freelance Logo Designer & Brand Identity Design – UK Logo … Read more links for 2009-10-27